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Utilization of Technology 

Introduction of processing examples that widely utilize the mold processing technology of Toyo Glass Machinery
   Challenge wire cut precision fitting

From seemingly just a metal block

TGM logo will stand out

Inspired by the precision fitting of metal that was broadcast on TV, we also challenged the precision fitting of wire cut.

We will continue to take on challenges with the aim of further improving accuracy.


*Currently, there are no plans to sell.

   Decorative "KIWAMINUKI"

Example of decoration with laser marker


Example of decoration by Wire-cut EDM

"KIWAMINUKI" is a ultimate bottle opener developed by the parent company Toyo Glass that allows the bottle opener to be removed smoothly and safely.

With a structure packed with the know-how of glass bottle makers, the stopper can be pulled out really comfortably.

A simple design is good, but I used a laser marker and a Wire-cut EDM to decorate it.

How about for souvenirs, celebrations, promotional goods, etc.

*Please contact us for prices and delivery dates.

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