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health management

Toyo Glass Machine promotes health management.
 ​ Acquired "Silver Certification" as an excellent health company

As a member of the Toyo Seikan Group, in response to the Group Health Management Declaration, we place great importance on maintaining and improving the health of our employees, and in February 2021 we made the "Healthy Company Declaration" by joining the Healthy Company Declaration Project, which is certified by the Tokyo Federation of Health Insurance Societies.

Based on our Healthy Company Declaration, we actively promote initiatives to improve workplace health and the environment, and in April 2022 we received the Silver Certification as a Healthy Company (renewed certification in May 2024).

Certification number: Kengin No. 1928 (2)
Certification period: May 1, 2024 - April 30, 2025

(Renewed certification on May 1, 2024)

 ​ Efforts to promote workplace health and improve the environment

◆Medical examination, etc.

100% health checkup rate, awareness among employees of the need for health checkups, etc.

◆ Utilization of medical checkup results

Follow-up to those with findings, recommendation to receive specific health guidance, etc.

◆ Workplace maintenance for health promotion

Installation of health-measuring devices, etc., forums for discussing health promotion, implementation of goals and plans for health promotion, etc.

◆ “Food” at work

Drink management during work, attention to eating habits, etc.

◆ “Exercise” in the workplace

Efforts such as exercise before starting work, measures to increase the number of steps, etc.

◆ “No smoking” in the workplace

Raising awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco, implementing measures to prevent passive smoking, etc.

◆ Mental health

Enhancement of consultation system and atmosphere, communication from managers to employees, etc.

 ​ Toyo Seikan Group Health Management Declaration

The Toyo Seikan Group regards the health of its employees as a management issue, and in September 2017 established the Toyo Seikan Group Health Management Declaration in order to maintain and improve their health.

Toyo Seikan Gluehealth management declaration


The Toyo Seikan Group's management philosophy is

"Always creating new value, striving for the realization of a sustainable society,

In order to achieve the goal of contributing to the happiness of mankind,

Employees, who are the company's greatest asset, are healthy both physically and mentally, and work energetically.

We believe that it is important to maximize the potential of each individual.

We declare to promote health management.


Employees strive to manage and improve their own health,

The company supports the health promotion of employees,

Create a comfortable and pleasant working environment.

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