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Environmental Management System

Toyo Glass Machinery considers the preservation of the global environment.
TGM obtained EcoAction 21 certification/registration.
In May 2007, we began working on the establishment of an environmental management system to look for a company that considers the global environment. In June 2008, we obtained EcoAction 21 certification/registration.

Environmental Management Policy

As a member of the Toyo Seikan Group, we strongly recognize the preservation and improvement of the global environment as an important issue and actively promote environmental activities in our corporate activities voluntarily.
<Action Guidelines for Environmental Conservation>
  1. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and what we promised.

  2. We will set environmental management targets, review them periodically, and strive for continuous improvement.

  3. By reviewing production methods and reducing defects, we will promote the thorough reduction of unnecessary parts of power energy used by our company.

  4. We will strive to reduce waste and improve the environment by reviewing distribution packaging, improving yield and reducing defects.

  5. We will work to reduce the amount of chemical substances used in our work and strive to protect the environment.

  6. We will review various losses in manufacturing facilities and strive to promote an efficient and energy-saving production system.

  7. We actively promote environmentally friendly design and production of products.

  8. We will make this environmental management policy known to all employees and people who work at our company, and strive to improve the environment.

April 1, 2019

Kazutoshi Nagasawa


EcoAction 21 Certification/Registration certificate
Environmental Management Report
Based on the EcoAction 21 guidelines, the Environmental Management Report is published.
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